Giving Thanks for These Most-Holy Days

Master, ruler-of-all, who in wisdom have fashioned all creation, who through your unutterable forecare and great goodness have led us to these most-holy days for the cleansing of souls and bodies, for control of passions, and for hope of resurrection, who by means of forty days handed your servant Moses the divinely inscribed tablets, grant … [Read more…]

Confessing In Christ

Sermon delivered at St Maria of Paris Orthodox Church The Gospel text for the feast is taken from the Gospel of Matthew (Matthew 10:32-33, 37-38, 19:27-30)

Archpastoral Letter for Great Lent

To the Honorable Clergy, Venerable Monastics, and Pious Faithful of the Diocese of the South, The blessing of the Lord! As we approach Great Lent, let us remember that alms giving is an essential aspect of any effective fast. Alms are beneficial to the recipient and, at the same time, given in love, alms benefit … [Read more…]